Dr. Nina M. Lavlinskaia teaches AP Biology and AP Capstone courses, and is a graduate of Voronezh State University in Biophysics where she earned her bachelor’s degree. Dr. Lavlinskaia holds a PhD from Moscow Research Institute and has been teaching at High Tech High School since 1998. Dr. Lavlinskaia's goals in the classroom are to develop necessary learning skills that will help students be successful in life. She also mentors students who conduct scientific research in and out of the school. She enjoys traveling, reading, walking, and spending time with her family and close friends. nlavlins@hcstonline.org

Mrs. Kimberly Braun teaches Principles of Biomedical Science, Human Body Systems, and Medical Terminology. She is a graduate of Caldwell College and holds a BS in Biology and Secondary Education. Mrs. Braun holds a MATL from Fischler School of Education and has been teaching at High Tech High School since 2016. Mrs. Braun’s goals in the classroom are to help her students stay organized, have a variety of hands-on lab experiences, and gain confidence in their grasp of the biological sciences. She is the moderator for HTHS Science League. kbraun@hcstonline.org

Dr. Arun Srivastava teaches Medical Sciences, AP Seminar and AP Research under the auspices of Project Lead the Way and College Board’s AP Capstone Program respectively. He received his doctorate from JNV University for his research on Primate Behavioral Ecology. He received postdoctoral fellowships to work at University of Goettingen, University of London, and UC Davis. He has been teaching at High Tech High School since 2006. Dr. Srivastava's goal is to take students beyond classroom and textbooks in order for them to explore this diverse world more richly. Dr. Srivastava believes in ‘inner engineering’ and motivates students to acquire tools to realise their strengths and become successful citizens. He has been the research and science fair coordinator for the last 13 years. He is also the moderator for the Science Club, Apiculture, Stock Market and Asian Cultures Clubs. Outside of the classroom, Dr. Srivastava enjoys traveling and cooking with family and friends. His favorite sport is cricket and wildlife photography is his passion. asrivast@hcstonline.org

Ms. Priscilla Isip teaches three levels of Biomedical Sciences, Biology, and CPR/EMS. Ms. Isip received her BS degree in both Biology and Secondary Education with a minor in Chemistry. She is also a lifetime fellow with the PARSE Institute whose goal of the program is to develop the next generation of scientists and technologists by providing a new model for science education, as well as innovative, collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to professional development. Priscilla Isip has been teaching in Hudson County Schools of Technology  since 2009. Her goals in the classroom are to promote self-motivated, lifelong learners, and create an environment in which students are applying practical real life situations outside of the classroom. Ms. Isip is currently pursuing a nursing degree and her interests outside of education are soccer and swimming.  pisip@hcstonline.org