This comprehensive major takes students on a journey through the multifaceted world of filmmaking, providing insights into the entire cinematic process from concept to distribution. Throughout the course, students will create their own short films and their performance will be evaluated based on their dedication and effort in project execution.

The coursework includes a wide range of activities such as screenwriting, storyboarding, scene planning, casting, assembling a crew, creating shot lists, in-class productions, and revising and re-editing their work. This culminates in the submission of a final project. Additionally, students will learn about public relations and social media marketing to understand how to promote and connect their creations with their intended audience.

Moreover, students will craft a comprehensive resume that highlights their proficiency in various facets of motion picture production. The primary objective of this course is to equip all students with practical, marketable skills in the dynamic realm of the motion picture industry, as well as the crucial aspects of public relations and social media marketing.