The 4-year Culinary Arts program allows students to move into 3 areas: Culinary (chef, station chef, sous-chef), Baking and Pastry, or Food Service Management.   Freshman year gives students the necessary introductions for each core area and will guide them to soundly decide what area of focus they would like to pursue during their sophomore, junior, and senior year.  The introductory courses will introduce students to all facets of food service operations through immersive techniques. The first year also includes a Food and Nutrition course designed to provide students with knowledge and skills related to commercial food preparation and/or production, with a strong emphasis on nutrition, balanced diets, and satisfying special dietary needs. Topics typically include assessing nutrient content, the science of food and nutrition, physiology and utilization of nutrients. Course content may also cover additives, contaminants, food- borne illnesses, and food technology.

Each course of study introduces the students to the fundamentals of food safety and sanitation, principles of nutrition, and foundations in the basic fundamentals of commercial food preparation and practices.  They progress to a wide variety of advanced culinary, baking & pastry, and food service management objectives as they grow with the program. Students work in the cafeteria kitchen preparing and learning how to prepare foods for staff and student meals, and any other events held at the school that help promote their skills and techniques for future success.  

The Culinary Arts Academy collaborates with an extraordinary group of industry partners as part of our Advisory Committee.  The committee’s input, combined with our extremely knowledgeable staff, establishes a professionally focused and solid foundation that prepares students for future success in the Culinary field.  Committee members assist in giving students industry exposure and networking opportunities in, and out of, the classroom. The Culinary Arts Academy also works closely with chosen colleges to help the students gain college credits and gain expertise into our program.  The Advisory Committee has acknowledged the utmost importance for students to have a SERVSAFE® FOOD PROTECTION MANAGER CERTIFICATION prior to graduating.  Obtaining the certification is a senior requirement for all students in each program of study. Also, students in the culinary program will be participants in the Skills USA Championships which is a competitive event that showcases the best career and technical education students in the nation. Contests begin locally and continue through the state and national levels.  The Culinary Arts pathway allows students to pursue rigorous Advanced Placement courses in addition to their Core Requirements.