Entrepreneurship Club

DFAB Academy Senior Riana Wadhwani has started High Tech High School’s very first Entrepreneurship Club. When asked what prompted her to spearhead this brand new initiative, she responded, “I’ve always been interested in having my own business. The liberty of being my own boss and bringing my passion to contribute to the economy excites me. I’m enthusiastic about creating a platform to support members and help introduce them to the tools needed to build a successful business. I’ve had amazing mentors who have inspired me, and am excited to leverage their support through interactive discussions, workshops and activities. I look forward to both learning and encouraging others to feel confident in their ideas – and to familiarize them with the basics on how to turn their simple ideas into meaningful businesses.”

Riana has always been passionate about learning the building blocks required to develop and run a business. Her learning was amplified through her Entrepreneurship courses as well as her experience at the pre-college Entrepreneurship Program at Georgetown University.

There are a myriad of engaging activities that she has outlined for the year. The Entrepreneurship Club encourages members to brainstorm startup ideas and strategize on how to promote their businesses. To inspire them, Riana is planning interactive sessions on key business themes with speakers from the start-up community to enrich and broaden member perspectives.

These themes include public speaking, marketing, networking, sales, budgeting, leadership, time management, and how to “fail forward.” Additionally, she is organizing a way to use software from the Graphic Design Rooms to design logos and flyers to help promote individuals’ business ideas. She will also be incorporating discussion sessions on popular finance books that provide examples towards real-world application (i.e. “Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, “The Psychology of Money” by Morgan Housel)

Currently, members are learning how to fill out a Business Model Canvas, and are also in the midst of developing a business pitch for their respective ideas.

Riana is looking forward to educating fellow students in a fun and interactive way. She recommends this club as it will serve to be a great resource for those planning to major in business, finance, or any student who has a business idea and wants to expand their outlook on the world of entrepreneurship. Please email her at Riana Wadhwani or Stephanie Bartolotta if you are interested!


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