Visiting Sailboat
High Tech Environmental Science Academy Learns About Sustainable Sailing

The Academy of Environmental Science & Sustainability introduces students to various environmental concepts and issues while cultivating an atmosphere for critical thinking and analysis of potential sustainable solutions.  Students are provided with the unique experience of being exposed to all different types of sciences which allows for flexibility for those students who know they are interested in science but not sure which area they want to pursue yet.  Students acquire the skills needed to address environmental issues and to understand the state of the environment by applying scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies in order to understand the interrelationships of various environmental impacts.  Integral components of the Environmental Science Academy include learning research skills; using computer applications, such as Geographic Information Systems; and conducting statistical analyses.  Students identify and analyze solutions to environmental problems by conducting hands-on laboratory exercises and field studies. Students learn about sustainability and how to look at the natural world in a sustainable way.  The skills will be applied to a research project in junior and senior years. Students meet their educational goals through a Soil Resources Lab, Water Resources Lab, Ecology Lab, and Geospatial Lab. Students participate in outdoor excursions where they collect water and soil samples that allow students to conduct research on water quality, tides, ecosystem functionality, water properties and hydropower. The Environmental Science Academy pathway allows students to pursue rigorous Advanced Placement Science courses in addition to Core Science Requirements and Environmental Courses.