Five Films from High Tech Audio/Visual Production Department Selected for the Ramapo College High School Film Festival

(Ramapo, NJ—November 21, 2016) The Ramapo College High School Film Festival has selected five films from High Tech’s majors in the Audio/Visual Production Department, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School. 
“Go to Guidance” by Alana Aninipot of Secaucus and Jersey City resident Makayla Bount; “Spot” by West New York residents Nicole Palacios and Edward Dominguez; “Family Torn” by Tiara Rodriquez of Weehawken; “Reverie Train” by Hali Merrill, a Weehawken resident, too; and “Thinking Body,” also by Aninipot, comprise the selections.
Chris DePierro and Gregg Ascolese, instructors in the department, helped shepherd the students’ ambitions and tailor their films to fit the regulations of this festival.
“We’re excited that, for the first time in High Tech High School’s history, five female filmmakers have been accepted into a film festival,” says Ascolese.   
Two of these films have also been nominated for this year’s awards.  High Tech majors have secured five of the 20 selections from over 80 films submitted to the Ramapo College High School Film Festival.
“The jury was very impressed with the films,” says Neel Scott, the Associate Professor of Digital Filming at Ramapo College, “and we’re very excited to screen them and see the filmmakers at the festival.”

The awards ceremony takes place on December 4th at School of Contemporary Arts at Ramapo College.

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