High Tech Excels in National World Language Contests

(Secaucus, NJ–May 6, 2019) Students chosen by their respective language teachers in various levels of French, Spanish, and Japanese participated in this year’s National Foreign Language Exams, competing with their peers from all across the country, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School.

Dr. Laje Gashi and Christine Kawtari selected the High Tech French students; Idania Sierra, Margarita Guzman, and Jorge Villate chose the High Tech Spanish students; and Akemi Dobkin selected the High Tech Japanese students.

This year, the following French students earned Silver: Jersey City residents Sally Mangassa (French II), Fatou Mbaye (French II), Abdel Munpen (French I), Ashley Velez (French I), and Sandra Youssef (French I); and West New York residents Jade Lorences (French II), Andrea Mejia (French II), and Camila Streuly (French III). The following French students earned Bronze: Hoboken residents Xavier Aniello (French I) and Isabella Gibs-Garcia (French II); Jersey City residents Karla Diaz (French I) and Roxolana Hreb (French I); Kearny residents Alexander Calle (French I), Martin da Silva (French II), Jane Eid (French II), and Andrew Tran (French IV); North Bergen residents Diana Concepcion (French IV) and Janine Garcia (French IV); and West New York resident Ashly Estrada (French I). Honorable Mentions in French went to the following students : Bayonne residents Belina Bubenik (French I) and Alejandra Figueroa (French III); Harrison residents James Espinosa (French III) and Jake Mulrenan (French I); Hoboken residents Sara Bartoszek (French I) and Valerie Calligy (French II); Jersey City residents Krystal Andrade (French III), Jana Kawtari (French II), Lauralie Mufute (French I), and Francesca Fiona Umali (French I); North Bergen residents Jennifer Argumedo (French III) and Lyna Bacha (French I); Secaucus resident Benjamin Rosales (French I); Guttenberg resident Fiona Bezhani (French II); Union City residents Leslie Castro (French II), Erycka Castro (French II), and Nicole Sanchez (French III); and West New York resident Emmily Hernandez (French II).

The following Spanish students earned Gold: Kearny resident Giselle Echeverria (Spanish III) and Union City resident Joshua Ibarra (Spanish I). These Spanish students earned Silver: Weehawken resident Maialen Abio (Spanish I) and West New York resident Bryan Santana (Spanish II). The following Spanish students earned Bronze: Hoboken resident Olivia Cahn (Spanish II); Kearny resident Chloe Lopes (Spanish I); North Bergen residents Kassandra Deleon (Spanish II) and Rebecca Garcia (Spanish I); Secaucus residents Sydney Chaca (Spanish II), Alyssa Conde (Spanish IV), and Smriti Sukesh Kumar (Spanish IV); Union City resident Nixi Fuentes (Spanish I); and West New York resident Nicolle Colmenares (Spanish IV). Honorable Mentions in Spanish went to the following students: Bayonne residents Rawda Elsayed (Spanish III), Raghd Elzar (Spanish I), Emily Kelly (Spanish II), Chaco Iwase (Spanish II), Riley Quinn (Spanish II), and Kade Shippy (Spanish III); Guttenberg resident Anushka Teckwani (Spanish IV); Hoboken residents Sophia Barere (Spanish I) and Sara Leong (Spanish II); Jersey City residents Sophia Gliatto (Spanish III), Isabella Pliskin (Spanish II), William Pogatsias (Spanish III), Luke Rodriguez (Spanish I), and Mariam Saad (Spanish I); Kearny residents Aleksandra Krzynowek (Spanish II), Audrey Munro (Spanish II), and Julia Sikorski (Spanish I); North Bergen residents Aliza Abraham (Spanish II), Amiel Carbonell (Spanish I), Gabriela Conde (Spanish III), Ashley Gonzalez (Spanish I), Jenna Issa (Spanish I), Kara Kolodinsky (Spanish III), Dunya Mahmoud (Spanish II), and Mellina Perez Vieta (Spanish III); Secaucus residents Conde, Sahil Patel (Spanish IV), and Mahek Virani (Spanish IV); Union City residents Camila Garcia (Spanish III), Daniela Diaz (Spanish III), and Marla Paneque (Spanish IV); Weehawken resident Ariana Guevara (Spanish II); and West New York residents Lucas Betances (Spanish I), Zachary Fernandez (Spanish III), and Mia Jardines (Spanish III).

The following Japanese student earned Gold: Secaucus resident Katherine Ren (Beginner Japanese). These Japanese students earned Silver: Jersey City resident Alice Chen (Intermediate Japanese); Union City resident Jenny Chen (Beginner Japanese) and Hoboken resident Sayuri Pfeiffer (Beginner Japanese). This Japanese students earned Bronze: Bayonne resident Remi Hayashi (Intermediate Japanese). Honorable Mention in Japanese went to Bayonne resident Rena Hayashi.

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