High Tech Freshmen and Sophomore Environmental Science & Sustainability Students Help in Cleanup of Laurel Hill Park

(Secaucus, NJ--May 22, 2019) The Hackensack Riverkeeper welcomed the efforts of Freshmen and Sophomore Environmental Science & Sustainability students, who participated in a cleanup of Laurel Hill Park, just steps from the Frank J. Gargiulo Campus of Hudson County Schools of Technology, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech.
“We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day,” says Carrie Rapaport, High Tech High School’s guidance counselor extraordinaire and adviser on the cleanup effort.  “It’s an honor to work toward the cleanliness and beautification of the park that High Tech High School calls home.”

Forty-five students, along with Environmental Science instructors Dr. Shelly Witham and William Goold and counselors Nermeen Hanna-Avegno and Rapaport, worked together to collect many bags of garbage. The debris, a major detriment to our environment and our health, winds up in our water system, contaminating it and our food.

“Students took pains to clean up and demonstrate their pride in their community,” adds Rapaport.  “We look forward to many more projects and experiences with the Hackensack Riverkeeper in the future.”


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