High Tech High D|Fab and Biomedical Academies Learn about Surgical Devices and Applications from Experts in the Field

(North Bergen, NJ—January 31, 2018) Recently, High Tech students in the D|Fab and biomedical academies had the chance to learn about the latest tools used in medical surgery and its application, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School.
In October, students visited Triangle Manufacturing, a facility in Upper Saddle River dedicated to the manufacturing of medical devices and implants for surgical purposes. This highly informative field trip exposed them to the fabrication of medical devices.
This month, guest speakers demonstrated the application aspect of medical surgery to the students in the Resource Center at the North Hudson Center.  Dr. Schwartz, a podiatrist, and Mr. Ennis, a surgical technician, delivered a presentation about the specific tools employed in surgical procedures. During the presentation, Schwartz and Ennis discussed various types of screws and brackets utilized during surgery, (specifically, the podiatric variety). By the end of the presentation, students became familiar with another aspect of medical fabrication and the employment opportunities associated with it.

Zach Bolich and Sergio Gamarra, instructors of Wood Technology and Engineering Technology, respectively, often expose their students to opportunities to learn about potential careers that their academy training offers.

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