High Tech High School Hosts Its First TEDx Event on Chaos and Harmony

(North Bergen, NJ—March 24, 2016) High Tech High School joined the growing TEDx Program phenomenon through the inauguration of a TEDx event, organized by Social Studies instructor Lou Minervini and seniors George Iskander of Bayonne and Sabina Ohkawa of Kearny, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech.
The TEDx event focused on our world as dictated by chaos and imperfect harmony.  Speakers explored these aforementioned antipodes from the perspectives of creative human expression to the scientific and mathematical laws that govern the cosmos.
The TEDx event featured the following six High Tech student speakers: Sarah Bacha of North Bergen, who offered a classicist study of chaos and harmony; Guttenberg resident Jose Flores approached the antipodes through the medium of photography; Edsel Engalla and Xi’an Tate of Jersey City also contributed; and Secaucus residents Aaleah Oliver and Felix Pasko, too, the latter addressing the transgender context.
These professionals and alumni also presented talks for attendees: Jared Krinsky, an instructor and High Tech alumnus, shared his ideas through the lens of multimedia; instructor Michael Diamond framed the topic in the context of the narrative; Hemal Gosai, also a High Tech alumnus and currently a finance student at NJIT, handled the subject in travel terms; and Dr. Swati Sathe, Associate Professor in the Department of Neurology at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, framed the topic scientifically.

The TEDx Program, designed to assist communities, organizations, and individuals to spark conversations through local TEDx events, offers screenings of TED Talks videos and/or live presentations.  Groups plan and coordinate TEDx events independently under a free license granted by TED.  In short, TEDx exhorts “ideas worth spreading” and supports independent groups who organize a TED-like event in their community.

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