High Tech High School Inaugurates Its Own eSports Team

(Secaucus, NJ—December 13, 2018) With the assistance of HELIX eSports and High Tech’s Game Design Club Adviser and Interactive Media instructor, Jared Krinsky, High Tech has started its very own eSports team, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School.
Due to the rise of eSports in colleges and universities across the world, it seems only fitting that this multiplayer video game format, played competitively for spectators, would make a splash at the high school level as well. Students come together to battle it out in such games as Super Smash Bros., Ultimate, Fortnite, League of Legends, Overwatch, and more.
Bringing eSports to High Tech has been one of Krinsky’s goals since forming the Game Design Club.
“I remember when I was a student, my friends and I would spend our free time huddled around a TV for a game of Smash Bros.,” says Krinsky. “Now, to see students compete in it as a sport is fantastic.”
Krinsky hopes that High Tech eSports will provide a safe, fun environment for the high school gaming community and even lead to sponsorship and scholarships for students.
Through the help of Helix eSports Center, the premier center for gamers in Northern New Jersey and the New York City area, High Tech can now compete in a new sport for the 21st century. One of the largest eSports facilities in the nation, with 150 gaming stations, Helix has a conveniently located center in North Bergen, minutes from Manhattan and The Meadowlands Sports Complex. Helix boasts a state of the art facility, designed by industry veterans, and delivers a professional gaming experience for casual players to competitive gamers alike.
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