High Tech Judo Offers Encomium to Clyde Worthen

(North Bergen, NJ—November 23, 2016) Tech Judo founder Clyde Worthen, or Sensei Clyde, as his students refer to him, exemplifies the basic fundamental code of honor, service, and morality that the Olympic sport of judo has promoted all over the world, and for this reason, the Tech Judo Club would like to extend its gratitude to Sensei Clyde, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech.
A veteran Physical Education teacher and head instructor of the Tech Judo Club, Sensei Clyde arrived at High Tech as a decorated state champion, a senior national medalist, a Pan American Champion, and a member of the USA World Team.  Recently, he competed at the 2016 Veterans World Judo Championships for the USA.  Sensei Clyde has practiced judo for over 50 years, during which he has embraced judo’s philosophy as a way of life–an ideology of self-improvement by which he has reached countless others, leading and inspiring through example.  He represents the backbone and spirit of an entire community.
Sensei Clyde transformed Tech Judo not only into a club, but into a family who have become well-recognized not only for its competitiveness, but for the way its members carry themselves.  He has taught his students more than the method of taking a proper breakfall and properly tightening their belts.  Having introduced the importance of technology, cleaning, and the finances involved in running a business, Sensei Clyde has offered lessons that prove directly translatable to everyday life.  Moreover, he has created a brand in Tech Judo synonymous with integrity, responsibility, discipline, determination, mutual respect, and teamwork.  He has been a true vocational advocate, creating a platform that has assisted many of his students in the pursuit of their educational and professional careers.
Tech Judo has been a sport club, a life school, and a place where young athletes value people’s time and effort, respect the elderly, appreciate money, and promote the physical and mental well-being of themselves and those around them.  Sensei Clyde has instilled in his students a sense of belonging in which everyone treats everyone else equally.  A lasting relationship with the High Techs administration has created an outstanding reciprocal alliance that has had a great impact on our entire community.

Because of his professionalism, spirit, and friendship, we at Tech Judo would like to thank him for his years of service, his undeniable sense of inclusion, and for acting as a role model who continues to lead by example. Sensei Clyde has become a father figure to all of us, has earned our respect and love in return for his.  We thank him for the endless hours that he spends working on projects, classes, fundraising, tournaments, and training sessions, and for all the lessons that enrich our bodies and minds.

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