High Tech Ping-Pong Club Donates New Table

(North Bergen, NJ—September 18, 2014) Merely two years after its inauguration, the High Tech High School Ping-Pong Club has donated a brand-new table to the school for club use, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School.
Since its inception, the Ping-Pong Club has hosted four school-wide and district-wide tournaments, with overwhelming student participation, to become one of High Tech High’s most popular extracurricular activities.
“The Ping-Pong Club has grown tremendously in the past two years,” observes Club Moderator Dr. Syed Abbasi. “Our students at High Tech have shown great enthusiasm and interest in the sport, and this club has huge potential to grow in the near future.”
The High Tech High School Ping-Pong Club’s earnings, garnered from its unanimously successful tournaments, fully funded the new table.

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