High Tech Research Represented at XIX Poster Session of American Chemical Society at St. Joseph’s College

(Brooklyn, NY—February 7, 2015) High Tech students presented their research at XIX Poster Session of the New York Section of the American Chemical Society at St. Joseph’s College, where students from the five boroughs and New Jersey took part in the contest judged by imminent scientists, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School.

Students included Bayonne’s Sara Bendaoud, Jessica Driscoll, George Iskander, Kapil Kanakaraj, Hayoung Park, and Paulina Yaniak; Anisha Mahat of Harrison; Jersey City resident Meichin Ong; and Vivian Chaca and Emma Spahic of Secaucus,
While judges elaborated on the scores, students attended a keynote address by Dr. Carlo Yuvienco from the Physical Sciences Department at St. Joseph’s College on “Protein-based Drug Delivery Agents.”  This entertaining presentation, accompanied by a demonstration of the effects of solubility and filtration, proved very stimulating that students Mahat and Iskander volunteered their assistance in the presentation.
Also, Yaniak’s poster on “Bacterial Growth” witnessed not three, but six judges.  One judge invited Yaniak to do research at his lab at St. Peter’s College as a summer scholar.  Mahat talked about the “Effect of Human Prostate Cancer Cells Presence on Mouse Osteocyte Sclerostin Expression.” Ong presented the results of her YSAP-funded research on “Oil Bioremediation.”  Fellow YSAP grant recipients Iskander and Kanakaraj offered a poster on “Sonoluminescence.”  Meanwhile, Spahic and Chaca presented their research on “Bacterial Transformation.”  Park and Bendaoud, also YSAP grant recipients, on “The Role of Convention Currents in the Mpemba Effect” earned Honorable Mention.

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