High Tech Sophomores Attend Rockefeller University’s Annual TALKING SCIENCE Event

(New York, NY—January 7, 2017) Nine High Tech sophomores, accompanied by Dr. Nina Lavlinskaia and fellow science instructor Joseph Ona, attended Rockefeller University’s 2017 Talking Science event, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School.
The following sophomores attended Talking Science: Elijah Conlin of Hoboken; Jersey City resident Soleil Perez; Jillian Boyle and Andrew Tran of Kearny; North Bergen resident Sarah Bacha; and Secaucus residents Carina Garcia, Smriti Sukesh Kumar, Mahek Virani, and Ashley Luh.
Talking Science originated in 1959 by Alfred E. Mirsky. This year’s event, introduced by Professor Jean-Laurent Casanova, M.D., a pioneering immunologist, pediatrician, and geneticist, and head of the St. Giles Laboratory of Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases, encompassed lectures on genetically-inherited predispositions to infectious diseases and the way that they play a crucial role in disease development.   The High Tech sophomores engaged directly in the event, and not a single student harbored any ounce of regret attending Talking Science.
The event encouraged students to appreciate the communication aspect of scientific research, allowing fellow colleagues to congregate together with a common interest and curiosity. Thanks to the opportunity, the High Tech sophomores exposed themselves to unprecedented concepts and thought-provoking questions rarely found in textbooks.  

By all means, High Tech High School will always be welcomed by the programs of Rockefeller University. Perhaps these engaging opportunities may propel aspiring individuals to achieve and encourage the university’s motto: Scientia pro bono humani generis, Latin for “Science for the benefit of humanity.”

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