High Tech Team B Beats High Tech Team A at the Hudson County Academic Bowl

(North Bergen, NJ—March 14, 2018) Two High Tech teams (A and B) competed with each other for the 2018 Hudson County Quiz Bowl Championship, with Team B winning the honors this year, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School.
The Championship, held in the Resource Center at the North Hudson Center, took place during periods 7, 8 and 9.  The following students comprised the championship team: Tatyana Lazareva and Kade Shippy of Bayonne; Jersey City resident Brijal Parikh (Captain); Susan Chen of North Bergen; and Carina Garcia, Preston Luh, and Eshaan Mangat of Secaucus
The challengers, Team A, consisted of Bayonne residents Reika Hayushi and Kaitlyn Kirschner; and Smirti Sukesh Kumar, Ashley Luh, Avni Pande, Sahil Patel (Captain), and Mahek Virani of Secaucus.
David Mansour of served as Master of Ceremonies.

(from left to right: Ashley Luh, Preston Luh, Brijal Parikh, Kade Shippy, Avni Pande, Reika Hayushi, Sahil Patel,
and Carina Garcia)

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