High Tech Theater Arts Drama performs You Can’t Take It With You

High Tech Theater Arts Drama performs You Can’t Take It With You

This year, the Theater Arts Drama classes presented this hilarious romantic comedy as their Winter Show and midterm for the Senior drama students who all played the characters with skill and playfulness.

The students, directed by their teacher, Raluca Georgiana Shields, focused on spoken and unspoken comedic skills, physical comedy, movement, and improvisational skills in their rehearsal. The play starts unraveling when a young man, Tony Kirby, from a family of rich snobs becomes engaged to a young woman, Alice Sycamore from a good-natured but decidedly eccentric family. Alice’s family, and Mr. Vanderhoff in particular, really challenges Tony and his family to search their souls and look for what makes them be true to themselves. Overall, this play makes the audience think about what is more important in life, about treasuring our family and valuing things that truly make us happy.

The family is comprised of Mr. Vanderhof, Alice’s grandfather, played by Junior Aidan Chapas, her mother, Mrs. Sycamore, played by Senior Nicole Nina, her father Mr. Sycamore, played by Senior Mason Castillo, sister Essie and brother in law Ed, played by Senior Olivia Marum and Sophomore Anthony Wenzel respectively. Also part of the family are Rheba, Donald, Mr. Kolenkhov, and Mr. DePinna, all unrelated by blood but very much part of this endearing family. Those characters were played by Seniors Isabella Rodriguez, Hanna Wilson, and Eileen Berger, and Junior Jillian Vega. The family receives visits by Mr. and Mrs. Kirby performed by Junior Anthony Morgado and Senior Chantal Gomes, and Duchess Olga Katrina performed by Senior Brianna Lutin. The romantic duo Tony and Alice were played by Seniors Emile LaMorte and Abigail Bhikam. Finally, the family’s world is thrown upside down when both the Alice and Tony’s family's are arrested by the four DOJ Agents played by Seniors Cassandra Booker, and Tatiana Younger, and Juniors Makayla Jones and Mystique Auguste, and Mr. Henderson, played by Senior Hanna Wilson.

Special recognition also goes to our Stage Manager Junior Elanie Benitez, assistant Stage Managers Juniors Aylah Dornbos and Isabella Conde, and our tech crew made up of lighting technician Senior Glenda-Avril Galloway, sound technician Senior Chloe Jessen, under the guidance of our Lighting Designer Emily Gocon, and our Technician Director Mr. Jeremy Falzone. Our costume designer Senior Cassandra Booker worked tirelessly on the costumes, and our set designer Senior Violet Saynuk created the world of the Sycamores and the Carmichaels with flair and humor. Special thanks go to Mr. Cabrera and Mr. DePierro’s film classes for helping us with the documenting of the production.

The play was performed by special arrangement with Broadway Licensing LLC, serving the Dramatists Play Service collection.

by Moss Hart and Georges S. Kaufman

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