High Tech U.S. History Classes Climb Mt. Tammany Trail to Reconstruct Lewis and Clark Expedition

(Columbia, NJ—April 8, 2016) High Tech Social Studies teacher Ronald Kliesh brought his three U.S. History I classes to Worthington State Park in a clever attempt to simulate Lewis and Clark’s expedition, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School.

“The hike was a bit difficult,” says Kliesh, “and students had to work together to make it to the top of the Mt. Tammany Trail.”
Kliesh’s students enjoyed the hike, of course, but they also really got to appreciate the labors of the Lewis and Clark team.  Reaching the top of a mountain proves an exhilarating endeavor for novice and experienced hikers alike, and with that in mind, some students had approached the climb as a once in a lifetime experience
So many students in urban communities never get the opportunity to hike.  Moreover, teamwork keeps any group going, as when Kliesh’s students clung to a rope provided for hikers, so as to guide themselves along the mountain trail, part of an essential group effort.  Alas, group efforts allowed for the success of the Lewis and Clark’s expedition, one of the great real-life American stories of all time.  

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