High Tech’s Carina Garcia Earns Award of Excellence from the Congress of Future Medical Leaders

(September 14, 2018–Boston, MA) Senior Carina Garcia of Secaucus represented High Tech High School at the Congress of Future Medical Leaders, earning an official Award of Excellence for her successful completion of the Congress, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School.

As part of the Congress, Garcia watched a live surgery and received instruction from some of the greatest living minds in education, such as George Church, Don W. Cleveland, and Michael S. Brown, winners of the world’s most prestigious international prizes. She also received guidance and mentorships from prominent medical school academic leaders, including Paul B. Rothman, Dean of Medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine, and Stephen Ray Mitchell, Dean for Medical Education at Georgetown University.

The theme of “greatness awaits” holds sway for each Congress, in that the Congress offers the best students an extraordinary opportunity to be mentored by some of the most important leaders of our time, “true giants of the medical profession who fundamentally have been changing our future for the better at an awe-inspiring pace,” as Dr. Mario Capecchi, 2007 Nobel Prize winner in medicine, and Dr. John Mather, 2006 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, offer in a mutual statement.

Garcia’s aspiration to become a physician, her leadership potential, and her high G.P.A. influenced her nomination for the Congress of Future Medical Leaders.

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