High Tech’s Environmental Club Holds Fundraiser to Support Infrastructure for Hurricane Maria Victims

(North Bergen, NJ—October 24, 2017) Students in High Tech’s Environmental Club held a fundraiser that raised $720 for solar panels to support Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico, the majority of whom have no electricity, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School.
The Environmental Club’s moderator, Catherine Yuhas, in association with Walter Meyer, co-founder of the Brooklyn-based Local Office Landscape Architecture, have ensured that High Tech’s donations go to Resilient Power Puerto Rico via the Coastal Marine Resource Center in Brooklyn.  High Tech’s donations will help improve Puerto Rico’s depleted and damaged electrical infrastructure.
“High Tech’s donation will provide power to 140 people per week by way of the Tesla Powerwall,” says Meyer, who recently returned from a week on the ground in Puerto Rico.  “Things will get worse before they get better, though.”
Meyer’s group worked with New Energy Solar of Puerto Rico at a recent installation of a Tesla Powerwall at a community center in Caño Martin Peña in Puerto Rico.
“New Energy of Puerto Rico is one of the largest solar companies on the island,” adds Meyer, “and have collaborated with us in this project, donating materials and labor for this humanitarian solar lift.”

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