High Tech’s Wood Tech and Engineering Tech Students Tour Martin Guitar and Co Factory

(Nazareth, PA—November 7, 2016) High Tech High School students majoring in Wood Technology and Engineering Technology received a terrific opportunity to tour the famed Martin Guitar & Co factory, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech. High School 
Zach Bolich and Sergio Gamarra, instructors of Wood Tech and Engineering Tech, respectively, exposed students to the craft of guitar-making because the process requires a harmonious blend of traditional methods with modern machines, like CNC routers and lazar cutters.
At Martin Guitar & Co, tour guides escorted Wood Tech and Engineering Tech students through the factory and showed them the process of constructing guitars from the cutting of rough lumber to the finished product, which requires more than 300 steps to complete, thanks to the capable hands of talented craftspeople.
The Wood Tech and Engineering Tech students discovered the history of guitar-making, learning about Martin Guitar & Co’s humble beginnings as well.
Wood Tech and Engineering Tech students also had the opportunity to explore the Martin Guitar Museum, where attractive displays showcased over 170 exquisitely crafted guitars, a testament to Martin Guitar & Co’s storied career.

By the end of the tour, students jammed in the “Pickin’ Parlor,” and partook of the great opportunity to strum Martin’s high-end and Limited Edition guitars.

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