HOSA - Future Health Professionals Competition

HOSA – Future Health Professionals Competition

HOSA - Future Health Professionals, a club at High Tech High School is for enthusiastic and passionate Juniors and Seniors in Biomedical Science majors who are interested in the health industry which promotes career opportunities in the healthcare field and enhances the delivery of quality health care to all people. HOSA is a global student-led organization that hosts competitions for high school and college students to participate in each year. This time of the year, HOSA hosts the Northern Regional Conference, a competition that consists of different categories such as Medical Terminology, Medical Math, Human Growth & Development, Nutrition, Dental Terminology, Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, etc., allowing the students to explore and understand different areas of healthcare and focus on the areas that interests them and are passionate about the most.

On January 21, 2023, the HOSA members at High Tech participated in the New Jersey HOSA Northern Regional Conference in Passaic County. Winners from the competition will receive medals that will be presented to the awardees during an in-school "White Coat Ceremony" some time in June 2023. The conference not only consisted of the competition itself but also a guest speaker in the healthcare field who provided insight into the healthcare career and inspired young professionals to achieve their goals and provided ways to do so. When asked a HOSA member about their experience at the conference, they responded, “My experience at the HOSA competition was fun, knowledgeable, and I’ll definitely be able to use the valuable life-long skills that I have learned from my time at HOSA.”

HOSA Club officers Nancy Abdelmesih, Saloni Singh, Ayushi Patel, and Cydeny Rampersad are leading the club due to their past experiences, leadership qualities and knowledge. They are guiding the current Juniors and Seniors, providing them with the necessary study material and more. Each of the officers are specialized in a specific category of the competition since they were last year’s Northern Regional Conference awardees who had placed and given the opportunity to compete further in the state. This year, the HOSA officers are planning on conducting events and activities for the current club members to keep them up to date on the current HOSA events and prepare them for the upcoming competitions. The next competition is the 2023 State Conference that will take place on March 18th and 19th! Stay tuned as our future health professionals as they partake in competitive competitions and represent our High Tech High School!

By Ayushi Patel

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