Lillian “Lilly” Marsh

HTHS Architecture Major Earns ACE Scholarship for Syracuse University

(Secaucus, NJ––April 5, 2021) Lillian “Lilly” Marsh, a senior in the Academy for Design & Fabrication (D|Fab) at High Tech High School, was recently awarded the Architecture, Construction, Engineering (ACE) Mentorship Scholarship as part of her acceptance to Syracuse University’s School of Architecture, announced Ms. Kathy Young, Principal of High Tech High School.

As a student in High Tech’s Academy for Design & Fabrication (D|Fab), Lilly majors in architecture and was introduced to the ACE Mentorship program through her architecture teacher, Ms. Vanessa Batista-Medina, and D|Fab Supervisor, Mr. Gregory Simon. The ACE Mentor program unites students and professionals from the fields of architecture, construction, and engineering in an after-school setting. With the goal of developing practical knowledge of these career fields, students work with ACE mentors who coach them through simulated real-world projects. They also take field trips and participate in hands-on activities all designed to drive their curiosity and understanding of careers in design and construction, from contract and engineering to architecture and landscaping. The ACE mentor program also supports students' applications to the ACE scholarship, which is a selective award given to students pursuing education in the fields of architecture, construction or engineering. Lilly’s acceptance to the School of Architecture at Syracuse potentially lands her at one of the five best undergraduate schools in the country, according to

In reference to this accomplishment, D|Fab Supervisor Greg Simon said, “I am extremely proud of the work that Lilly has done all four years here at High Tech. She represents the strength of the program here, and I am excited to see the work she does in the future!”

You can learn more about D|Fab’s architecture program by visiting this link; and you can learn more about the ACE mentorship program here.

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