HTHS Health Classes Help Themselves Cope with COVID: Now They Want to Help Their Classmates

“Live Deliberately” is a famous quote from American philosopher Henry David Thoreau. What does it mean for us as students and teachers? High Tech health classes have explored this question, and realized that it means we must help ourselves in many ways, especially during this time in our lives.

In this vein, knowing our limitations and responsibilities during this time of social distance, students explored activities that they actually can do. They discovered activities possible from home or nearby that can enhance our education and overall experiences during a pandemic. Our students have tried the following activities themselves, and now wish to pass them on to the rest of the student body to try. They are fun, easy, free, and self-enhancing.

– There are more stars, planets, heavenly bodies visible in our area during COVID. Pollution is down and if you move away from ambient light, you can see things with the naked eye. There are websites and apps that tell us what to look for in our skies each day.

– There are more birds about as things are a bit quieter and pollution is down. Our birdwatchers found many and shared some pictures. Bird listening is also great, especially in the morning.

– At first reluctant, our students began recording their thoughts especially at the end of the day. They found stress relief and letting go of problems the greatest result of their journaling.

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