Jeremy Lewan of High Tech High School Has Weather Camp Video Diary Featured on Weather Channel

(Atlanta, GA—June 10, 2017) Bayonne resident Jeremy Lewan, a junior at High Tech High School, had his Weather Camp Video Diary featured on a weekend episode of America’s Morning Headquarters (AMHQ) on the Weather Channel, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High school.
Lewan, recipient of an HCST Foundation grant of $1,000, had attended Penn State’s Advanced Weather Camp last summer, where he made a video of his meteorological-media experience.
AMHQ meteorologists Reynolds Wolf and Kelly Cass interviewed Bill Syrett, manager of Penn State’s Advanced Weather Camp.  They asked Syrett questions about various aspects of the camp.  Throughout his interview, clips of Lewan’s video diary aired.
The video of the interview can be viewed at the following link:
At Weather Camp, Lewan had received hands-on training in meteorological science, including forecasting, creating a TV weathercast, reading and analyzing weather charts, launching a weather balloon, and even simulating a hurricane.  Lewan and his peers at the Advanced Weather Camp also learned scientific methods while exploring various aspects of the atmosphere, as well as analyzing surface weather maps.

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