Jeremy Lewan of High Tech to Attend Penn State’s Advanced Weather Camp

(State College, PA—June 20, 2016) Bayonne resident Jeremy Lewan, a sophomore at High Tech High School, has been accepted into Penn State’s prestigious Advanced Weather Camp, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech.
At Penn State’s Advanced Weather Camp, to be held June 26th -July 1st, Lewan will receive hands-on training in meteorological science, including forecasting, creating a TV weathercast, reading and analyzing weather charts, launching a weather balloon, and even simulating a hurricane.  Moreover, Lewan and his peers at the Advanced Weather Camp will learn scientific methods while exploring various aspects of the atmosphere, as well as analyzing surface weather maps
The Advanced Weather Camp will take place at the premier location for such study, Penn State’s Department of Meteorology at University Park.    
“With the inception of our newly-created Environmental Science Academy, the science department strongly recommends that our students participate in field experiences to enhance their classroom learning,” says Shelly Witham, veteran Environmental Science instructor.  “Jeremy will undoubtedly benefit from this unique experience.”

As an added treat, Lewan will glimpse the various careers associated with meteorology at the Advanced Weather Camp. 

Jeremy Lewan

Lewan above the clouds, 11,440 ft. at the summit of Volcan Baru, Chiriqui, Panama

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