Teachers' St. Patrick's Day Luncheon By the Culinary Students

Teachers’ St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon By the Culinary Students

On March 16th, 2023, the teachers at High Tech High School were invited to a Luncheon, in observance of Saint Patrick’s Day, celebrating the heritage and culture of the Irish. All of the food prepared for the Luncheon was made by the Culinary Students at High Tech. Ashley Rodriguez, a senior in Culinary, who was in charge of making the vanilla cake, responded “It was definitely a fun and important experience as I got to make new dishes and one of the significant skills I learned was time management skills!”

Our school hosts these monthly luncheons to showcase our students' talents in culinary by bringing the staff together for these enjoyable events. Chef Bruno, Chef DeLorenzo and Chef Bellotti are all teachers in charge of assisting the students with making food. Chef Bruno provided positive feedback on the students, saying that “All of the students worked very hard to prepare the luncheon and take pride in what they do. They get very into the process and pay extra attention to all the details. This includes the setup presentation and the hospitality.” In this St. Patrick's Day themed luncheon, the culinary students served a traditional corned beef and cabbage meal. In addition to the luncheon, staff and students at High Tech have decorated the hallways and cafeteria in celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day. Our Culinary team is hosting these luncheons monthly with the next one including an Italian menu of fresh handmade pasta, table-side mozzarella, and seafood specialties. Stay tuned!

By Ayushi Patel

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