The High Tech Film Department Announces Nominees for First Annual HCST Film Festival

(Secaucus, NJ–May 23, 2019) The High Tech Film Department proudly announced the official nominees for its first annual HCST Film Festival, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School.

BEST COMMERCIAL: “Snickers” by Siarah Saavedra, “Cosmetics” by Alexandra Beliakova, “Hoodies by Paul” by Apostolos Bourinaris; BEST FILM BY AN UNDERCLASSMAN: “Unique Project” by Melody McLain, “Ingrish” by Chyeka Conner, “Cowboy Shots” by Holden McKlietz; BEST SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS FILM: “Sorry” by Patrick Asturias, “Unique Project” by Melody McLain, “What Goes Through Our Minds” by Kendry Hilario and Dominique Salazar; BEST PODCAST: “Spilling the Tea with Vincent Nardiello,” “Getting Personal with Mike Ra,” “Inside Sports,” “Snatched,” “I’m Surrounded by Idiots,” “Social Cues,” “Breaking News: Notre Dame Cathedral Fire”; BEST TALK SHOW: “Battle of the Boulevard” by Izabella Morejon and Jessica Jover, “Face to Face” by Noelle White, “Intramurals with Fitz” by David Mansour; BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: “How to Breakfast” by Essence Brevard, “No Signal” by Noelle White and Katerina Vail, “American Facade” by David Mansour; BEST INSTRUCTIONAL: “How to Calligraphy” by Carissa Wu, “Chocolate Covered Strawberries” by Mia Stalkneck, “Chocolate Oreos” by Natalia Geron; BEST PSA: “10db” by Shaun Crafton and Can Sark, “Colorful Lights” by Deeanie Rodriguez; “Very Bad Day” by Qu’Raun Scott-McKoy, “Fresh Air” by Xlissa Fuentes and Bryan Casana; BEST DOCUMENTARY: “Security” by Julianna Muniz, Rhada Rench, Carlos Davies, and Kyara Syed; RISING STAR: “Unique Project” by Samiksha Thakur, “Unique Project” by Victoria Amato, “Unique Project” by Mya Lopez; BEST ACTRESS: Rachel Virga “A Merry Little Christmas,” Asia Guzman “Talk to Me,” Katerina Vail “Tongue Tied,” Emily Van Horn “Talk to Me”; BEST ACTOR: Garreth Savinovich “Tongue Tied,” Daniel Acosta “Unique Project,” James Williams “No Signal” BEST SCORE: “Tongue Tied” Granton Ave, “Talk to Me” Andrew Wholf, “Unique Project” Leigh Isaac; BEST SCREENPLAY: “Tongue Tied” by Noelle White, “Moment from 2018” by Bailey Davin, “Talk to Me” by Rea Silver-Chisholm  Charlotte Hysen; BEST EDITING: “Travel” by Tiffany Sun, “Unique Project” by Jonathan Ortega, “Childhood/Adulthood” by Alexandria Campbell, “A Day at School” by Mistral Pascual, “Unique Project” Izabella Morejon; BEST CONCEPT IN A SHORT FILM: “Unique Project” by Grace Demopoulos, “How to Calligraphy” by Carissa Wu, “Rest Stop” by Joselyn Bravo and Camila Garcia, “How to Tune a Drum” by Tobias Harrison; BEST PROMOTIONAL VIDEO: “St. Peter’s Swim Team” by Natalie Wondolowski, “AV Promo” by Deeanie Rodriguez and Astrid Barrgan; BEST OF THE FEST: “Talk to Me” by Rea Silver-Chisholm and Charlotte Hysen, “Tongue Tied” by David Mansour and Noelle White, “Rest Stop” by Camila Garcia and Joselyn Bravo.

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