D|Fab’s Problem Solvers

D|Fab’s Problem Solvers By Apryl Murray

There is a new class in town for D|Fab students. Creative Problem Solving, taught by Mrs. Cruz and Mr. Fuda, this class offers the opportunity for students to learn new strategies for many different occasions, especially future classes. The goal of this class is to make students think outside the box, sometimes literally. To accomplish this, students work in groups to collaborate with other students so they learn from each other and to--surprise, surprise--creatively solve problems. So far, the class has done several small projects and activities to help the students to initially understand the concepts of problem solving. One such project includes the towers that you see pictured. Mrs. Cruz and Mr. Fuda are even learning themselves as the class goes on, doing their own research and finding new things to test out with their students. As of this writing, Mrs. Cruz said that she hopes to continue to align the course with problems and strategies to help D|Fab students to be successful in their junior- and senior-level major courses.

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