High Tech Alumnus Bucky Kaiser Receives Award for Extraordinary Contribution to Film at Golden Door International Film Festival

(Jersey City, NJ—October 12, 2018) Buckminster “Bucky” Kaiser, an alumnus of the High Tech Class of 2018 and High Tech’s TV Production/Film Department, received the Extraordinary Contribution to Film Award at the Golden Door International Film Festival, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech.

Kaiser’s satirical film, B.F.P., pokes fun at police officers writing up summons. Kaiser developed B.F.P. during his senior year at High Tech.

“Even when [Kaiser] was a student,” says Chris DePierro, High Tech instructor in Broadcasting, “he produced films and content way beyond his years. It’s amazing when we have alumni going out and making our school proud.”

Judges Christian Keiber, Monique Dubois Inzinna, Garry Pastore, Jerry Wonda, Gary Donatelli, and numerous others at the Golden Door praised Kaiser’s camera technique.

“[Kaiser] was one of the highest scorers across the board,” says Michele Sorvino, Executive Director of the Golden Door. “Everything about his film is beautifully done.”

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