High Tech French Language Students Showcase Skills at Tournament

(Secaucus, NJ––February 22, 2020) High Tech High School earned second-overall at the annual “Le Tournoi Lion,” a French Language Tournament held at Middletown High School on February 22nd, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School.

The tournament––which is in its second year––saw over 120 students from eleven schools competing in Poetry, Theatre, Short Film, Song, Painting, Presentation, and 3D/Sculpture design. Judged by Rutgers University professors, High Tech students participated in all categories and earned four victories.

Yousra Fares (HTHS ‘23) took home Best in Poetry for her recitation of “La Cigale et la Fourmi” from Jean de La Fontaine, while Jaz Conlon (‘23) won for his 3D-design of the Notre Dame Cathedral. Nicky Snachez (‘20), Renee Goldfinger (‘23), Sarah Francis (‘23), and Marieme N’Diaye (‘23) took home the Best in Theatre prize for their portrayal of Harpagon in Moliere’s “Le Monologue d’Harpagon.” Additionally, James Espinosa (‘20), Katherine Rodriguez (‘22), Jessica Gonzalez-Gaxiola (‘20), and Nicky Sanchez (‘20) won Best in Original Short film for their story, Le Mime.

High Tech’s win came as a team effort, with the following students getting special recognition for their efforts at the tourney: Nancy Abdelmesih, Kayla Albuya, Jeniffer Argumedo, Ashanti Crockett, Deandra Hollingsworth, Ciaran Kellaghan, Julissa Laignelet, Willa O’Conor, Maya Ramdayal, Ashley Rodriguez, Nicole Sanchez, Nicole Sarmiento, and Omar Tall.

Bested only by South Brunswick High School, who had five total wins and took home Best in Show, High Tech managed to edge out their competitors from McNair Academy High School, who earned three total wins.

The event was coordinated by Dr. Laje Gashi, French Instructor at HTHS, who declared for her students, “Félicitations à tous!”

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