HTHS Music & Audio Tech Majors Wired for Success

(Secaucus, NJ––February 25, 2020) The students in the Music and Audio Technology class at High Tech High School are known for their high-quality stage productions, but their backstage skills display their versatility and knowledge, according to instructor Rod Shepard. 
Mr. Shepard’s seniors recently undertook the portion of the Music and Audio Tech curriculum that has students learning how to wire and repair the same instruments and systems they utilize for their noted productions. This unit builds on the non-performance skills required by professionals in the music and audio tech industry. 

To begin, students learn to repair electronic equipment using wire-stripping and soldering techniques. to make instrument- and microphone-cables. From here, they will then move on to understanding and repairing connections and circuits in electric guitars and guitar amplifiers. 

For this unit of study, Mr. Shepard relied on his professional experience in audio repairs to help prepare the students for the expectations of the field. According to Mr. Shepard, “There’s more to the major than just concerts and shows.”

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