Architecture is the art and science of designing our built environment. The Architecture Studio is, first, a place for work; second, a place to make discoveries; and third, a place for discussion and critique. Students develop the ability to communicate their ideas by way of 2D representation and compositing, physical and digital model making. This eventually leads to direct-to-manufacture techniques for the production of models, components and assemblies via 3D printers, laser-cutters and CNC machines. There are opportunities for students to participate in structured learning experiences such as museum visits, building tours, visits to architecture firms and, potentially, internships. At the end of this four-year course sequence, students are prepared for post-secondary studies in a wide variety of design-related fields.


Instructor: Vanessa Batista

Vanessa BatistaVanessa Batista teaches Architecture + Design I, Architecture + Design II, Architectural Studio I, and Architectural Studio II. She earned a bachelor of Architecture before moving on to her Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology. An alumna of High Tech High School, Ms. Batista re-entered the classroom as a teacher in September, 2018. Her goals in the classroom are to help students explore their skills, passions, and drive. After school, she is involved in the ACE mentorship program, The Butterfly Effect Club and Robotics Club. She also teaches Sustainable Design (LEAP). Prior to joining the staff at HTHS, Ms. Batista worked at CPA Architecture & Metropolitan Transit Authority. Outside of the classroom, Ms. Batista enjoys traveling and hiking.

Supervisor/Instructor: Gregory Simon

Gregory SimonGregory Simon is the supervisor of the academy for Digital Design | Fabrication Academy. A graduate of New Jersey Institute of Technology's College of Architecture and Design, he also holds a Masters degree in administration and supervision from Saint Peter's College and has been in the district since 2005. In addition to his role as supervisor, Mr. Simon also teaches an Architectural Design course. Maintaining the balance between administrator and classroom educator is crucial to Mr. Simon’s role in the D|Fab community. As an educator, he can demonstrate his passion for architecture and life-long learning while remaining current on today’s industry-standard technologies. As an administrator, Mr. Simon strives to provide hands-on opportunities for all of the D|Fab students to experience their career-based subjects early on, thus allowing them to make an informed decision for their futures. Prior to entering the teaching profession, Mr. Simon worked for Watt Architects, WORK Architecture and Design, and Perkins Eastman Architects. Outside of the classroom, Mr. Simon is an avid outdoorsman, spending much of his free-time fishing, boating and hiking.