Wood Technology courses include both design and fabrication; students in wood technology will work hand-in-hand with other CTE students to design and build projects. Coursework includes not only design and fabrication but also computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD-CAM). Students will first be introduced to the technology of woodworking: jointer, planer, table saw, band saw, drill press, shaper, router, CNC machining, sharpening, joinery, assembly and finishing. Courses are project-based, class sizes are small, safety is at the core, and technique and procedure drive the projects. There is open laboratory time for working on independent projects. This provides the opportunity for advanced practice with emphasis on complex planning and structures.

Instructor: Zach Bolich

Zach Bolich

Zachary Bolich is a master cabinet maker with over twenty years experience in the millworking field. He began teaching the art of woodworking part time in the Hudson County Schools of Technology Post-Secondary program in 2010. In 2013, Mr. Bolich joined D|FAB where he currently teaches Wood Technology as both a vocational major and as a LEAP course. In the Wood Tech class, Mr. Bolich’s goals are to expose students to the nuance of woodworking using both hand tools and the latest industry-standard manufacturing technology. He wants his students to have the freedom to explore the different facets of creating with wood in hopes of finding a passion they want to pursue as a career whether it be as a designer, machinist, engineer, or a fabricator. Outside of the classroom, Mr. B can be found working on cars and spending as much time as possible with Family and friends, preferable in the outdoors. In the summer, you will find Mr. B either on the golf course or out fishing.

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