Commercial and advertising professionals have an opportunity to work across all fields. Every industry needs some form of advertising. Commercial and Advertising artists produce art and content that we all interact with every day. From the logos we are familiar with - the logo on your cereal box, the box design, to the logos we wear on our clothes, the shopping bags, billboards on the side of the road, website and banner, commercials, to social media advertising content.

Commercial and advertising professionals sit at the center of creating and communicating brand value. This course is designed to develop students into advertising professionals. Students will learn fundamentals of design concepts with the purpose of advertising. Students will get hands-on experience with design software and create original content and designs for robust multi-channel online and print advertising campaigns.

Students will also have the opportunity to work and be mentioned by industry professionals giving them a competitive edge and real world experience.

Instructor: Joseph Guerrero

Joseph Gurerro

Sales and Advertising Presentation

During the fall 2023 semester class advisor, Donald Doane, a serial entrepreneur, CEO and co-founder of Iconically visited the CAA class to give a presentation on sales and its connection to advertising.
Donald Doane has the #1 TED talks on sales. His presentation was an engaging eye learning experience and an opener for the students.

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December 2023 - CAA Juniors and Sophomores

Trip to Tilt Museum

The objective of the trip was to create a fun learning environment for students to interact with art. The goal is to change their perception of art as something conventional and proportional, and demonstrate how static images can be designed to be visually striking and interactive. For advertising this concept is very important. Realizing the potential to design an engaging advertisement that people will share on social media is a step towards envisioning viral advertising and marketing.