This interdisciplinary major involves the design and development of computing systems applications. This major has roots in mathematics, engineering, and applications. Students will learn various programming languages such as Java, Python, and Kotlin for Android development, enabling them to create independent projects in programming, developing, writing code, and creating applications. Through this course and these programs, students will learn the fundamentals of computer science concepts that can be applied across programming languages, preparing students for high-level computer science courses. Exposure to these technologies will put any young creative programmer on a path to bankable skills and open their minds to endless possibilities. Upon completing this course, students will have a thorough introduction to the skills and tools needed to remain competitive and succeed in an emerging market.

Lisandra Docampo

Instructor: Lisandra Docampo

Lisandra Docampo is a Computer Science Instructor at High Tech. She has taught Computer Programming I, II, and III in Python, Kotlin, and Java, respectively, and has also provided instruction for Advanced Placement courses like Computer Science Principles and A for Java. Additionally, she takes the lead in managing the Coding and Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence Clubs. Before joining High Tech in 2020, she taught Algebra II and Geometry.

Lisandra began her journey in the field of mathematics at an early age, actively participating in math competitions since she was just 9 years old. She holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Master's in Math Education from Camaguey University. During her master's thesis, she developed a software application named "Expert System in Linear Algebra" using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Java, and SQL, which aids college students in finding the most efficient solutions to Linear Algebra problems. In addition, she has earned the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate in Python, Databases, Data Analysis and Visualization, and Machine Learning, and completed a Data Science Capstone project.

Ms. Docampo has gained valuable experience through her work with technology companies, including an internship at a Telecommunications Company and a role as an SQL consultant for a Software Company. Nevertheless, the majority of her professional career has been dedicated to academia. She has served as a professor at three foreign Universities, taught at Hudson Community College, and worked as an instructor at three Tech High Schools in New Jersey.

Outside of work, she enjoys a variety of activities. Such as spending time with family and friends, going on outdoor adventures like hiking and traveling, working out, staying informed about the news and finances, and listening to pop music.

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