The High Tech High School Robotics Team is composed of over 20 sophomores, juniors and seniors. For the 2018-2019 robotics season, the members of the HTHS Robotics Team are divided into two FIRST – First Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics teams. Every year in early September, the FIRST FTC organization presents a new FTC game to be played by robots that are built and programmed by junior and high school students from grades 7 through 12. Once the new game is presented and understood, the two FTC Teams have until early November to organize, brainstorm, design, build and program their robots before they compete in their first FTC meet of the season. The seasonal robot game designed by the FIRST FTC organization provides a framework for an environment that fosters creative expression through use of the design process by students working within a team. The design process does not end after the first FTC meet of the season, it is applied and reapplied as improvements are made to all robot systems for as long as the team competes. The HTHS Robotics Teams continue to compete in FTC meets and qualifiers through January. If any HTHS Robotics Team performs well in competition or in judged categories during the regular season, they may receive an invitation to compete in the FIRST FTC post-season finals.