BioMedical Courses

BioMedical Science CTE Courses Principles of BioMedical Science (9th Grade) In the introductory course of the PLTW Biomedical Science program, students explore concepts of biology and medicine to determine factors that led to the death of a fictional person. While investigating the case, students examine autopsy reports, investigate medical history, and explore medical treatments that might have prolonged...Continue reading

Biomedical About Us

BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE ACADEMY   The Academy for BioMedical Sciences paves the way for a wide range of careers. The depth and scope of courses reveals an array of future relevance in microbiology, pharmacy, chemistry, nursing, nutrition and dietetics, neurobiology, medical or dental school, forensic science, or science research in areas such as immunology and cancer....Continue reading

Biomedical Faculty

FACULTY CTE INSTRUCTORS Ms. Makenzie Bordenabe Ms. Makenzie Bordenabe studied at Rutgers University - New Brunswick where she earned a Bachelors in Science with a concentration in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. While attending college, she volunteered as a puppy raiser for The Seeing Eye, Inc. She is currently raising her 6th puppy - a German Shepherd named...Continue reading

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