Youth Art Month 2021

Art Educators of New Jersey (AENJ) 2021 Youth Art Month State Virtual Exhibit Congratulations to these High Tech students whose work was selected to be included in the Art Educators of New Jersey (AENJ) 2021 Youth Art Month State Virtual Exhibit: Coda Camaya Alison Fung Ariana Guevara Chaco Iwase Mary O'Brien Sayuri Pfeiffer Khang Pham...

Interactive Media Student Work

Interactive Media Student Work Interactive MediaStudent Work Interactive MediaStudent Work Go to Interactive Media's YouTube Channel


Broadcasting Student Work BroadcastingStudent Work Go to WHIT's YouTube Channel


Audio/Visual Production Student Work Audio/Visual ProductionStudent Work American FacadeTongue Tied Final Cut


GRAPHIC TECHNOLOGY PORTFOLIOS GRAPHIC TECHNOLOGYPORTFOLIOS GRAPHIC TECHNOLOGYPORTFOLIOS GRAPHICS TECHNOLOGY PORTFOLIOS The Visual & Media Arts Program is highlighting the work of our graduating Graphic Arts students.Please join us in supporting these artists and their work. Manveer Kaur Manveer Kaur, Graphic Arts major looking forward to attending Rutgers Business School Newark in the fall where I...Continue reading

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    Justine FrancoSupervisor Nicole SomickArts Administrative Clerk Mike Buscio (11th/12th)Guidance Counselor Danijela Belovarac (9th/10th)Guidance Counselor

Interactive Media

Interactive Media is a course in creating animation, games, and interactive experiences. Students will learn the basics of 3D modeling and animation and move towards creating interactive works. Students will work together in both solo and collaborative environments and work with industry standard programs. They will also learn how to prepare themselves for applying for...Continue reading

Graphic Technology

This program of study is recommended for any student who is interested in learning how to create documents electronically and draw on a computer. The student will learn to operate a Macintosh computer, compose electronic page layouts and illustrations, publish on the desktop, use a digital camera, scan photos and manipulate images. This program extends...Continue reading

Broadcasting Technology

Broadcasting focuses on creating programs for Radio and Television. The student will learn the creative and technical aspects of producing complete Broadcast Projects. Journalistic reporting is stressed and the dynamics of effective communication is reinforced through electronic news gathering and Internet research. Through High Tech's own Radio Station, WHIT, the student will have the opportunity...Continue reading

Audio/Visual Production

This comprehensive major takes students on a journey through the multifaceted world of filmmaking, providing insights into the entire cinematic process from concept to distribution. Throughout the course, students will create their own short films and their performance will be evaluated based on their dedication and effort in project execution. The coursework includes a wide...Continue reading

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